Brown Bear

story books with lámh Apr 02, 2020

Brown Bear Brown Bear, by Eric Carle - Read with Lámh signs

Today I am sharing another video of a children’s storybook signed with Lámh. The book is called Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Written and illustrated by Bill Martyn and Eric Carle. You might know it already as it’s a children’s classic.

It’s one of my favourite stories to read to pre-schoolers as I can teach them many words for animals and colours. It is ideal for children who already use some single words or signs, as this book will help them to put words/signs together into short sentences.

I love this book also because it has lots of repetition; it keeps repeating the sentence I see, which is a great language exercise for young children.

I read this book using Lámh, but of course, you can adapt it and use other communication systems, such as PECS, or just use spoken words for your child.

Once your child knows the story and begins to copy the signs or words for it, you can do other activities to expand on what they are learning. Create a photo album, or just look at photos together on your phone and while you are doing that, say and sign sentences like I see grandad, or I see mammy, to keep practising saying or signing short sentences.

I hope your child enjoys the story.

Would you like me to read your child’s favourite storybook? Let me know what it is in the comments below as I am looking for new stories to record.

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