Discover your child's dominant personality trait

Discover your child's dominant personality trait and learn how to support their communication, behaviour and social skills based on their unique temperament with my fun quiz!

I am thrilled to have you here. As an early intervention specialist, I have worked with children with additional needs for many years.

Initially, I used to plan interventions based solely on their diagnoses, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and global developmental delay, to name a few.

However, over time, I realised that children with the same diagnosis were vastly different. I started considering their unique personality traits, allowing me to understand their learning style better.

For example, although I found that specific techniques, such as visual aids, were effective for all my students, I noticed that the type of visual support that each child responded to varied. By considering their personality type, I was able to choose the most appropriate visual aids for each individual student, resulting in greater success.

Indeed, your child's personality traits can significantly affect how they interact with the world, relate to others, learn, and play. By considering their temperament, we can tailor how we create an environment where they feel more comfortable, learn, and thrive.

I have created a fun quiz designed explicitly for children with additional needs, such as autism, Down syndrome, and global developmental delay, particularly those between two and six years old.

This quiz will help you identify your child's strongest personality trait, allowing you to read more about their personality type and learn how they best learn and behave. It's important to note that some children may have one dominant personality trait, while others may have two strong ones. Be sure to focus on the strongest traits as they impact your child's learning and behaviour the most.

Please note that this is not a clinical tool but a fun quiz to give you some pointers on supporting your child. I created this quiz by drawing from literature on child development, personality types, and my personal experience working with hundreds of young children with developmental delays during their early years.

Teachers interested in learning about children's personality types can complete the quiz with one student in mind. You can read about the four personality types at the end of the quiz.

The Personality Quiz!

After you register for the quiz, you will automatically be taken to the quiz page, where you will be asked to answer a series of questions, the results of which will determine your child's dominant personality type.

You will also get a link to a description of your child's personality type and guidance on promoting their communication skills, behaviour, and social skills based on their temperament.

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