Nurturing Abilities

Nurturing Abilities

A Training Programme for Parents of Young Autistic Children

Naas Library and Cultural Centre

Starting Thursday, 9th May


What Are Your Biggest Challenges?

Fortunately, in our communities, there is more autism awareness. Many parents can recognise early signs of autism, sometimes as early as two years of age, and are aware of the importance of providing early support.

However, a substantial roadblock families face is the frustratingly long waitlists for assessments and interventions. This uncertainty leaves parents questioning whether their efforts are the best for their child.

In this training programme, I will guide you in learning what you need to know to build a foundation of support for your child at home.

What Is Autism?

Learn how your child's development may differ from other children of the same age and how you can support them while respecting their uniqueness.

Creating A Nurturing Environment

Create a nurturing environment at home. You can provide early intervention through daily routines, play, and everyday activities.

Understanding What You Need To focus On Now

Reduce feeling overwhelmed and understand child development and what you need to focus on at each developmental stage.

This programme is for you if:

  • You are the parent or caregiver of a young autistic child looking to initiate early intervention at home
  • You want to discover effective ways to engage with your child through play and daily routines.
  • You are looking for guidance on supporting early communication and language development.
  • You want to learn practical strategies to manage behaviours, ensuring a positive and nurturing approach.
  • You want to create an environment so your child can blossom and develop to their fullest potential.

Let's dive into the sessions:

Understanding Autism:

Learn more about autism and understand your child's unique needs better.
Discover how to create a supportive home environment that nurtures your child's development.

Supporting Communication and Language:

Explore strategies to encourage your child's engagement.
Learn practical techniques to support language development and introduce communication tools that make understanding and expression easier.

Exploring Play Development:

Understand the significance of play in your child's growth.
Learn practical strategies for engaging with your child through play, promoting essential play skills crucial for their development.

Supporting Behaviour:

In our final session, discover practical strategies for encouraging positive behaviour.
Learn compassionate approaches to handling challenges, emphasising prevention and providing thoughtful support for your child.

Why am I teaching this workshop series?

Hello, I'm Silvia Angel, an early intervention specialist and a mum of two, one of whom is autistic.
With over two decades of experience, I understand parents' challenges in supporting children with extra needs.
Like many, my husband and I also navigated numerous challenges. However, my expertise as an early intervention specialist helped us create a home that supported my son's growth, nurturing his strengths and maintaining a joyful atmosphere even in the face of challenges.
Early intervention doesn't need clinic walls; your home, the park, the playroom, and a nurturing relationship provide the best foundation. I've witnessed this with my son and supported hundreds of Irish families doing the same.
In the Nurturing Abilities workshops, I share the knowledge and strategies that have made a difference in my family and professional life.
I invite you to join this workshop series, where we'll explore ways to support your child's growth together.

How to best support you.

I've chosen a face-to-face format for the Nurturing Abilities workshop series, conducted in small groups across Ireland. While attending individual sessions is an option, I highly recommend attending all four for a solid foundation in supporting your child at home.

1. Understanding Autism | Thursday 9th May 7 pm.
2. Supporting Communication and Language |
Thursday 16th May 7 pm.
3. Exploring Play Development |
 Thursday 23rd May7 pm.
4. Supporting Behaviour |
Thursday 30th May 7 pm.

Location: Naas Library and Cultural Centre.
(The workshops will be 1.5 hours duration)

Feel free to extend this invitation to other families who might benefit, as the lack of support for parents of autistic children remains a challenge we aim to address.

Our next series, kindly sponsored by Kildare Libraries, will be held at:

Naas Library and Cultural Centre.

For more details and to secure your spot, click the link below.