Susan Laughs (With Lámh Signs)

story books with lámh Sep 14, 2022

(Credits: Susan Laughs is written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Tony Ross) 

Susan Laughs (Read with Lámh Signs)

Do you use Lámh when you read stories in the classroom or at home? 

Using signs while reading books can be a bit tricky at first. You may not know all the signs, and it's hard to read a new story and sign along if you haven't done it before.

But you can become good at it (maybe you are already!). 

Today I want to share with you how I prepare to read stories with Lámh:

  • First, I read the story and highlight the keywords. You don't need to sign for every single word in the book. Aim to sign the keywords that will help the child follow the storyline. 
  • Then I write those words at the back of the book, so I am clear on what signs I will be using. 
  • I practice the signs and check for any signs I might have forgotten. 
  • practice reading the story with signs a few times to get confident before I read the book to my students.

Reading stories with Lámh can be tricky, so I have recorded a new storybook with Lámh signs for you.

The story is called "Susan Laughs". 

I love this book because of two things. First, the simple story allows me to teach two-word sentences and practice signs for actions and feelings. 

Second, all children readily identify with Susan and her daily life, and it's not until the end that the story reveals that Susan uses a wheelchair. 

In this story, I use some Lámh signs, some natural gestures, and one Irish Sign Language sign, the sign for "laugh", as it's not in the Lámh vocabulary. You can find a list of the signs used on my blog. 

Lámh signs used in the video: Susan, to sing, to fly (sign for aeroplane), to swing, good, bad, happy, sad, to dance, to ride (sign for horse riding), to swim, to hide, shy, angry, trots (sign for horse riding), to paint, to throw, to feel, to fear (sign for afraid), to hug, to hear (sign for listen), me, and you. 

Gestures: loud, proud, to splash, to spin, to wave, to grin, right, wrong, weak, strong, and to row.

Irish Sign Language signs: to laugh.

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