Dear Santa (Read With Lámh Signs)

story books with lámh Nov 30, 2022

(Illustrations and book credit Rod Campbel)

This blog has a surprise for you: a Christmas story read with Lámh signs.

I recorded a video of the book "Dear Santa" by Rod Campbell.

You will find a list of the Lámh signs used below, as I use a combination of Lámh signs and natural gestures, so you know which is which.

I hope you and your children enjoy watching it!

List of Lámh signs used in this video:
Santa, to give, Christmas, car, small, big, ball, bouncy, tiger, scary, paint, dirty, to want, to love, thank you.

Adapted Lámh signs:
I used the Lámh sign for "love" to say "dear", and I used the sign for "aeroplane" to say "flying". I used the sign for "Christmas night" to say "Christmas Eve".

I used natural gestures for: to wrap, trumpet, and noisy.

Please share it with other families and teachers who might find it helpful.

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