Helping Autistic Children Have A Better Sleep

interviews Mar 02, 2022

Helping Autistic Children Have A Better Sleep

The one BIG issue we rarely think about...

Families are often at sea as specialised advice is hard to find on this subject.

Did you know that children with autism are more likely to have sleeping problems than their same-age peers?

Did you know that autistic children are more likely to have sleeping issues than their same-age peers?

Children with autism are more likely to have difficulties falling asleep, waking up during the night and staying awake for hours, nightmares or early waking.

This issue keeps coming up with my clients and is something that I experienced myself with my autistic son for years.

As you can imagine, sleeping issues negatively impact the child and the whole family, leading to poor well-being and health issues later on.

Teachers and SNAs should also be aware of these problems, as poor sleep will impact the child´s performance in school.

In today´s video blog, Laura Crowley, educational consultant and sleep practitioner, sheds some light on the issue of autism and sleep.

Laura will help us understand the common problems associated with autism and sleep, how it impacts the child, and what we can do as parents to support our children to better sleep at night.

If you know of a family struggling with this, please share this blog with them, as specialised advice on this topic is often hard to find.

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Laura Crowley

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