How to extend your child's attention span

early intervention Oct 26, 2022

I have recorded a free mini-training video answering some of the questions I received over the past while. 

In this video, I discuss the topic:


How to help expand children's attention span. 


You may be interested in this week's topic if your child or student:

  • Wanders around the classroom or the playroom, exploring toys but not playing with them.
  • Jumps from task to task without finishing any of them. 
  • Finds joint attention activities difficult. 
  • Finds challenging to concentrate on a task for the time needed to complete that task.


You know I like providing practical information, so inside the training, you will find examples of simple activities you can do at home or in the classroom with your little ones to help them complete activities from start to finish and pay attention. 


As we talk about young children, it's important to remember that little kids naturally have short attention spans. So, they need to have a lot of fun while practising paying attention.


If you have other ideas to help children extend their attention span, please share them in the comments below so other parents and teachers can benefit.

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