Teaching Children Their Full Address

early intervention Feb 16, 2022

Teaching Children Their Full Address

Does your child or student know the full address of where they live?
If they got lost or anything happened, would they be able to tell where they live?

Knowing the address of where they live is an essential thing for them to be able to say.

For children who can´t communicate with words yet and are a flight risk, you may consider having an ID bracelet when you are in big spaces such as shopping centres or airports. But if your child can communicate with words, it´s time they know their full address.

I understand it can be challenging for them to remember their complete address, but you can easily teach them with the activity I will show you today.

In this video, you will learn how to teach your child or student their complete address, and most importantly, to remember it.

I hope your children like it!

You can downlink the printable template I mentioned in the video here.

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