TIP No. 1 - Call And Say Hi

tips for teachers May 19, 2021

The current school year is coming to an end soon, and we are all starting to look at the list of new students we will be working with next September.

If you are going to be working with a student with special educational needs in September, I have some tips for you.

Today I will share Tip 1:
Call and say Hi!

Yes, the first tip is as simple as calling the child´s parents and introduce yourself.

All parents may be a bit anxious when children start preschool or school for the first time. This anxiety is undoubtedly more significant if the child has additional needs.

These anxieties and worries can be relieved by the school or preschool making contact with the family.

Even if not all the information is available at this point, such as how much support the child will receive or the SNA allocated, families will appreciate being contacted.

Acknowledge the fact that the child will be in your class and briefly share how you plan to support him/her. For example, let them know that you will be offering an appointment for the child to visit the school, when will they know which SNAs is allocated to the child, and offer to answer any questions they may have.

Families will be relieved to see that you are already thinking of them and planning for their child starting in your class.

If you would like more support and guidance on working with children with special needs next September, check out my 2-day summer course.

If you would like to feel confident and prepared to work with students with autism, or you want to continue to grow your knowledge on ASD, I have something for you.

In July, my team and I will be teaching a 2-day course, Introduction to Autism. You can join us live, or watch the online recording afterwards on our course website.

For more information, click on the link below. I hope you join us in making classrooms more inclusive for all children.


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