TIP No. 2 - Take Photos

tips for teachers May 26, 2021

Today’s tip involves taking your camera out (or your phone), taking photos of the school, and not forgetting to take a selfie. Why?
Because you want to create a photo book for your new student.

So today I will share Tip #2
Take photos!

Creating a book about the new preschool or school will help your student get familiar with what he/she is going to find there next September.

Take pictures of the main entrance, the hall, the classroom, the yard, the P.E. hall and even less fancy rooms such as the toilet area.

Try to capture small details in the school: the book corner, paintings on the corridors, or any interesting toys you might have in the classroom, so the child starts looking forward to going to the school and seeing all these things.

Don’t forget to include pictures of the child’s teachers, SNA, the school principal, and even the school secretary, who might greet the child every morning.

Email the pictures to the parents or print them to create a “School Book” for the child.

This book will give the child an opportunity to get familiar with the new place, so he/she knows what to expect on the first day of school, which will help a more smooth transition.

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