TIP No. 4 - Learn The Language

tips for teachers Jun 15, 2021

The current school year is coming to an end soon, and we are all starting to look at the list of new students we will be working with next September.

TIP #4.
Learn The Language

No, I am not asking you to learn a new language!

But I am asking you to find out how your new student communicates, as some children with developmental delays may not be able to speak just yet.

In order to communicate, some children with developmental delays use communication support systems such as hand-signs, pictures or a device to communicate.

Talk to the family and ask them how the child communicates his/her needs and wants. If the child is using a communication system such as signs or PECS, you may need to start educating yourself on how to use these. There is plenty of information online but stick to official websites and official social media channels so you get accurate information.

Ask the family if the child is receiving support from a speech therapist, as she/he might be able to support you using communication systems in the classroom, and give you individualised guidance.

If you would like to feel confident and prepared to work with students with autism, or you want to continue to grow your knowledge on ASD, I have something for you.

In July, my team and I will be teaching a 2-day course, Introduction to Autism. You can join us live, or watch the online recording afterwards on our course website.

For more information, click on the link below. I hope you join us in making classrooms more inclusive for all children.


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